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The History of "Spilled Ink"First Lady Jessica Ann Waugh


Jessica Ann Waugh

Born: July 31, 1984

Birthplace: Paris, TX

Ethnicity: Native American

Nick Name: Little Bit

Pen Name: Spilled Ink



They say dynamite comes in small packages.

Well, I am a small, short, and sweet package with a big heart.

As my heart is full of love, so does ink, runs through my veins

rather than blood. I hear teachers claiming how anyone can learn the

writing skill – even to write poetry – disclaiming any evidence of gifted

talents. I am no genius, but there is a spirit I hold onto that keeps telling

me I was born a writer. I have to write. Poetry fills up in my thoughts

until I must let the ink spill out or else my being cringes from restrained

resistance. Through whispers in the shifting wind before Portland’s next

rainfall, or from hundreds of four leaf clovers I have found while paying

more attention to details others often miss, I realize God has given me a

special gift. Poetry is my voice. It is my principle we should all acknowledge

our different, unique and special talents as gifts from God, which He

desires us to appreciate and to use.

Life has not always been kind as I have been through quite a lot for

a 26 year old in this contemporary fast - paced world where people have

become more selfish in accommodating only what is best for their well – being.

You might say I have a chip on my shoulder or I am harder on myself than

I should be. Even though this may be true, through my eyes I know now that I

am meant for a greater purpose than surviving this cruel world. Not only was

I born a writer, but I was born with difficulties at first unforeseen. I have

always been shorter and smaller than average. At 26, I am 4 feet and 10

inches along with still weighing less than 100 pounds. I have 2 books in

the works. The first book will be entitled: Through My Eyes. I will be sharing

how people often misunderstand or are misunderstood as I am a good

example of being misunderstood. School, up until returning for college, was

persistently a nightmare still keeping me awake at night. So, when I have

trouble sleeping, I write. My only way for sensible justice is putting pen to

paper. My school days story needs a voice. I also am working on my

autobiography entitled: My Embrace. My autobiography will open eyes

about Scoliosis by my living example. I will include my other medical and

physical challenges as well, but my main wish is to educate others more

about Scoliosis, for I see little evidence of its discussion in the public eye.

I do not wish to be famous or even rich by any means other than

knowing how I am blessed. I hope my first publication will be my own

book of poetry entitled: Spilled Ink, which is my penname. I will dedicate

this book to those chosen few who are closest in my heart. My poetry is my

spirit – the essence of my writing. I may become a teacher when I graduate

majoring in English, with a minor in Writing, and a masters degree in

publishing, but I am foremost a writer who keeps poetry in her soul. I love

remaining simple in life and love. My future has found me. I am thinking

about another story to share when our time is right – then there will be at

least one more book I will write about. The title might be: Home Is Where The

Heart Is. You can never truly be homeless when you have a heart. Knowing

where you are from, who you are now, and who you could become is the key.

I am not from Portland, Oregon, but I feel like I am. My real living

began when my parents and I moved here about 4 years ago. Life has been

so much better now when I thought I could never be this happy. If I am

honest, I am a southern bell deep inside, but Portland fits my spirit is

good for my well – being. A certain special someone I would have never

met if I were stuck down in Texas still. I cherish more of my memories when

I lived in Tennessee – both ends of the state. One little town was Flag Pond – not

found on a map. Childhood memories are important if you have moved around

more than a couple of times. It seems like so long ago when my younger sister and

I would have Dad help us swing on our back yard tire swing that was always so

much fun. Now she has already celebrated her and her husband’s one-year

anniversary. Everyone does life in different orders. I am content and truly happy

how mine is coming along.


Stay tuned in for more of First Lady as Spilled Ink! And for now, sit back and enjoy a couple...







Timothy Waugh - Father

Cindy Waugh    - Mother

Lauren Waugh  - Sister